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July 17, 2011
Match Results

Mike Sydal vs Drolix
Mike Sydal came to the ring bragging about the fact he is Evan Bournes (WWE) brother.  Drolix stated he would pave his own career and after a back and forth match, Drolix defeated Mike Sydal by submission.  Spoiling  Sydals H.W.A. debut.

Triple Threat Match
Brian Hardy and James Pash (American Marvel) to new comers to H.W.A. used speed and skills to out wrestle Fredo Majors.  However, time took its toll and Fredo was able to pull out the victory, with his size and strength.  Post match interview Fredo demanded bigger and stronger competition.  Warning Fredo be careful what you wish for.

Harm City Fight Club vs In House Drive By
This tag match went back and forth.  Harm City Fight Club an established tag team throughout Maryland and beyond tried to school the local talent of In House Drive By.  They fell short and In House Drive By got the pin.  At the conclusion, while In House Drive By was celebrating the Fight Club seized the opportunity and attacked the Drive By causing a fight all the way to the locker room.

Pelle Primeau vs Latin Dragon
This match featured two high flyers.  Both wrestlers displayed cunning and confidence as they traded move for move.  In the end sportsmanship went out the window and Veda Scott came out and interfered, distracting Latin Dragon allowing Pelle Primeau to be victorious over his masked rival.

The Hellions vs The Bravados & Greg Excellent
The Hellions were looking to continue their impact as the elite tag team in H.W.A.  But they got a little more than they bargained for in the six man tag match.  The match went as expected hard hitting and with Hellion style tactics.  The Bravados with their stylish looks proved to be formidable foes, and Greg Excellent with his unique style and dancing ability was able to get the pin over the Hellions.  After the match concluded Referee D. Edwards was attempting to maintain control as Greg Excellent danced and stripped off his shirt, and began giving Shane Hagadorn and the rest of the Hellions a taste of their own medicine.

Professor Milor Shizo vs Adam Cole
The Professor took a giant leap by challenging the likes of Adam Cole.  The Professors lack of size did not deter him from going head to head.  With Sly Stetson in the corner of Adam Cole, Milo had to keep one eye on Cole and the other peering through his mask at Sly Stetson.  The Professor suffered a knee injury and Adam Cole capitalized, no matter what the Professor attempted Adam had the answer.  In the end Adam Cole proved to be superior on that day and got the win by submission.
Grizzly Redwood vs Rhett Tituts
This match was for the sexiest wrestler in H.W.A.  This was an intriguing match-up.  Grizzly Redwood and Rhett Titus began there careers at the same time.  However, they have taken different paths to success.  Rhett Titus has used his sex appeal and cunning, while Grizzly has taken the Corduroy Road To Victory. 
The match began with Rhett Titus singing his own entrance music, enticing the fans about what could be in the banana hammock.  Grizzly went on the offensive and was doing everything in his arsenal to chop em down.  Rhett Titus used his charisma and size to fight off his smaller opponent.  Through his strong work ethic and determination Grizzly stay focused and in deed Chopped Rhett Titus down, as he pulled out a surprised victory, and the home town crowd went wild.

Main Event The Battle Royal
The Battle Royal started out with Brian Hardy and Pelle Primeau in the ring.  Every 60 seconds another wrestler would come out and join the Battle.  Wrestlers battled back and forth attempting to throw each other over the top rope knowing that the winner would be the #1 seed for the H.W.A. Tournament.  Now in the battle were Mike Sydal, Mike Mayhem, Alexander Bird, Drolix, Latin Dragon, Veda Scott (The only female in the Battle) clearly alliances were being formed.

Kindred came out and made his presence felt, single handed eliminating half the competition.  Fredo Majors and Rhett Titus made there way into the battle.  Veda Scott used her female prowess to lure Rhett Titus over the top rope thus eliminating him.  Next up the Bravados and Hellions came out one after the other.  Shane Hagadorn stalled outside the ring until all his partners were in the battle and they used team work to eliminate many of there opponents.  During the battle Alexander Bird a member of the agency hid underneath the ring.  Many fans saw this as being cowardly, but it was all a part of the big scheme of Sly Stetson.  Grizzly Redwood, Andy “Right Leg” Ridge and Greg Excellent were now in the ring battling for position.  Alexander Bird came out from underneath the ring and helped eliminate Greg Excellent and others over the top rope.  Now the only remaining contestants all belonged to the agency and with Sly Stetson on the outside of the ring he was assured someone from the agency would be victorious.  Adam Cole came to the ring drinking juice boxes one in each hand.  The agency was unaware that there was one opponent remaining.  Professor Milo Shizo came out with his knee heavily wrapped.  He speared Adam Cole and both juice boxes went flying into the crowd.  However, in the end the agency out numbered Milo and Adam Cole was able to eliminate him, thus becoming the number 1 contender for the H.W.A. Tournament.
H.W.A. Current Ratings:
Champion- Vacant
1.  Delirious
2.  Grizzly Redwood
3.  Adam Cole
4.  Kindred
5.  Andy "Right Leg" Ridge
6.  Pelle Primeau
7.  Latin Dragon
8.  Drolix
9.  Ernesto Osiris
10.Professor Milo Shizo


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